Zenvo’s second chapter begins with the Aurora V12 Hybrid Hypercar in Tur or Agil form

If you’re currently trying to beat Pagani or Koenigsegg when it comes to exoticism, it might be a good idea to head to Denmark and give yourself a good time in the Zenvo – check out the Aurora, grab a Tur while it’s Agil, stuff like that things!

Ok, puns aside, Zenvo Automotive A/S is a Danish supercar manufacturer based in Præstø on the Danish island of Zeeland. Co-founded by Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen in 2007, the company focused on extreme high-performance vehicles even after being sold in the summer of 2018 to some Czech investors based in Prague.

Over the years, only two models were built – the original ST1 and the limited-production TS1 sports car, with the latter spawning a few derivatives (TS1 GT, TSR, TSR-S, TSR-GT). If you’re having trouble following their names, don’t worry. As Marche promised when they first announced their third model series, Zenvo Automotive opens a second chapter in its business life with the company’s “lightest and strongest model ever produced” – the all-new Aurora.

Unlike the ST1 and TS1, which got their mojo from General Motors’ in-house twin-turbocharged V8s, the Aurora was designed in-house by chief designer Christian Brandt and now enters supercar territory on the eve of its unveiling during Monterey Auto Week with a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine developed by MAHLE Powertrain.

But wait, that’s not all, because the V12 is combined with a light and powerful electric motor to deliver a combined 1,850 hp in the highest setting (1,250 hp from V12, another 3 x 200 hp from up to three electric motors). This is a very traditional setup, by the way, with a mid-engined V12, two- or four-wheel drive options, and a EV-Only range up to 35 km (22 miles). And with it, “Aurora brings Danish design and ingenuity to the supercar market for the first time”, with two variants – Agil and Tur – launched simultaneously.

The translation, of course, means that the models are “agile” or “tour oriented.” For example, the top-spec Aurora predicts a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint time of just 2.3 seconds, a top speed of 280 mph (450 km/h), and with the aggressively striped Aurora Agil model featuring RWD and weight just 1,300 kg (2,866 lb). That’s pretty impressive for a V12-powered model rocking a hybrid, right?

Meanwhile, the “classic” Aurora Tur provides “elevated levels of luxury.” But don’t think, for a second, that this one is sloppy – two more electric motors added to the front axle “enhance high-speed stability and traction levels”, each providing an extra 200bhp and combining to form a permanent installation of four-wheel drive.

The first appearance of the Zenvo ZM1 modular carbon monocoque system will soon evolve into a second generation of models that will be assembled by hand in Denmark – so the company is basically promising that more Aurora variants are coming. Until then, production of the two Aurora models – Agil and Tur – will begin in 2025 or 2026, and the entire range is limited to 100 units split evenly between the two versions.

Incidentally, the company also revealed that the Aurora’s lightweight chassis was inspired by Formula 1 technology – it “channels airflow through the structure to aid downforce and stability.” At the same time, the unique suspension system includes double-wishbone front and rear struts with active springs for “instant adjustment to ride stiffness and support.”

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