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The match between India and Pakistan will be the most anticipated game of the tournament

India will host Pakistan in the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023 on October 15 in the city of Ahmedabad.

A total of 48 matches will be played across 12 venues and the final will be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on November 19.

The confirmation comes after months of speculation over whether Pakistan would travel to India for the tournament.

The countries have long shared a hostile relationship that has often affected sporting relations as well.

Pakistan had earlier threatened to boycott the World Cup after India said it would not visit the country for the Asia Cup and demanded that the tournament be moved to a neutral site.

Pakistan is set to host its first Asia Cup since 2008 – just weeks before India host the 50-run World Cup in October and November. Pakistan is also set to host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025.

The Asia Cup will now be held in a hybrid model with Pakistan hosting some matches and the rest, including India’s matches, being played in Sri Lanka.

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According to the official BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) schedule, Pakistan is going to play the World Cup matches in five cities in India.

India, meanwhile, will begin their World Cup campaign against Australia in the southern city of Chennai on October 8.

It will be special for the team as they seek to repeat the 2011 scenario when India defeated Sri Lanka in the final held in Mumbai.

A total of 10 teams will participate in the tournament. Of these, eight teams have already been judged, while the remaining two will be judged after the qualifying matches.

The teams will be divided into two groups of five and all teams will have to play each other in this phase.

The winners of both groups will advance to the semi-finals, where the first team from the group stage will face the fourth team, while the second and third teams will play each other. The winners would then proceed to the final.

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In 2011, India became the first team to win the World Cup at home

Team India will face Pakistan in the group stage in Ahmedabad on October 15.

A cricket match between the two neighboring countries continues to be one of the sport’s biggest draws.

The nuclear-armed rivals, who have fought two wars and a limited conflict over Kashmir, rarely play outside major tournaments because of political tensions. And when they do, patriotism is at its peak as millions on both sides watch what is, perhaps, the most politically charged derby ever.

Pakistan last visited India for the T20 World Cup in 2016, while India have not played in Pakistan since the 2008 Asia Cup.

The country first toured India in 1952 when the two sides played their first Test match.

But as ties soured – with the 1965 and 1971 wars – the two sides did not play each other for 17 years until a diplomatic thaw allowed them to resume cricket ties in 1978 with India visiting Pakistan.

The two sides played off each other for the next two decades before politics disrupted ties again. A major diplomatic initiative saw the Indian team travel to Pakistan in 2003-2004.

Annual tours were held over the next four years until the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks halted the bilateral tours once again.

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