Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg get into heated debate over Yankees: ‘Excuses’


August 16, 2023 | 7:48 pm

Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg got into it for the disappointing Yankees.

On the ESPN New York and YES Network simulcast of “The Michael Kay Show” on Wednesday, Kay said last year’s Bombers’ disaster was caused by DJ LeMahieu’s injury and then a postseason without infielder Andrew Benintendi and a struggling Matt Carpenter hindered the team. against the Astros in the ALCS.

Kay said that explains why the Yankees shaped themselves as “better than a .500 team” last offseason and made only a few acquisitions, such as Carlos Rodon and keeping Anthony Rizzo, who was seriously affected by a concussion this season.

“I think they thought they were going to be a lot better, but now we see the flaw in it,” Kay said.

Then the business started to recover.

Rosenberg told his radio partner, “I’m being honest: this sounds like an excuse.”

Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg got into a heated discussion about the disappointing Yankees.
Network YES

Kay raised his voice.

“I don’t give a crap what it sounds like!” Kai pouted.

“I tell you the reasons why it happened. If you want to say I’m making excuses, I don’t care anymore! I’m telling you the truth here. If you think those are excuses, well, go fuck yourself in a lake!”

Rosenberg asked what the point of truth is when the Yankees “always get it wrong.”

“Really? They went to the ALCS last year,” Kay replied.

They started shouting for each other.

“They got stung!” exclaimed Rosenberg. “They were embarrassed! They were destroyed! Michael, they were embarrassed by the Astros!

The Yankees are 60-60 and in last place in the AL East heading into Wednesday night’s game against the Braves.

Anthony Rizzo has struggled for the Yankees this year.
Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Kay is the longtime voice of the Yankees, and while he won’t hesitate to criticize the team, it wouldn’t be in his nature to go to scorched Earth in the front office.

It’s played up the tension with listeners over the years, and it’s an unspoken subplot of the segment with Rosenberg.

Rosenberg asked, rhetorically, if Yankees fans should be happy that they reached the ALCS and were swept, and if this was the team’s best accomplishment in three years what it says about the franchise’s performance.

He also believed the Yankees should have “punched up” at the deadline like the Mets did, but instead collapsed without showing any additional prospects.

Yankees broadcasters Michael Kay and John Sterling.
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The show’s other co-host, Don La Greca, sided with Rosenberg, saying that Aaron Judge called last season’s Astros a “failure.”

“I understand. But you can’t say they always get it wrong, like they’re a struggling organization that can’t get out of their own way and can’t make the postseason,” Kay told Rosenberg.

“That’s dumb! You sound like a fan!”

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