Joel Dahmen joins Arnold Palmer, John Daly achieves PGA Tour legend through persistence and whiskey

Golf is all about fun for PGA Tour pro Joel Dahmen.

It is essential to keep golf light and fun for him. He has faced his fair share of adversity. From early cancer to battling his struggles as a professional golfer, he does well not to take life too seriously.

“I think it’s a balance,” Dahmen said in an exclusive with SB Nation’s Playing Through. “Everyone should have it no matter what you do. My balance can lean too heavily one way sometimes… It’s always something I’m trying to figure out. “My wife helps a lot — Geno is really good. … It’s something that’s a constant battle, but it’s a fun battle to play.”

His episode on Netflix Full Swing has made him one of the most beloved golfers on the PGA Tour. He’s the latest articulate golfer to be unapologetically himself.

“Netflix has been great,” Dahmen said. “We are [Dahmen and caddie Geno Bonnalie] more than a normal daily tour pro — not flying private week after week and flipping cards for $1,000. So I think it just opened the door and showed us who we really are.”

But it wasn’t always easy to do the simple things for Dahmen.

Dahmen shows incredible resilience in beating cancer

The American golfer turned professional in 2010 amid the decision to drop out of college at the University of Washington. The move appeared to pay off, earning status to play on the PGA Tour Canada.

However, in 2011, he would face arguably the biggest challenge of his life. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Dahmen, 22 at the time, felt a lump in his groin and immediately knew what it was. His brother had gone through the same thing just two years before. After the original tumor was removed, the growth returned forcing the difficult decision to undergo chemotherapy.

The former PGA Tour winner underwent treatment six days a week for three weeks. Despite a full recovery and return to the PGA Tour Canada, the aftermath wreaked havoc on his mental state, witnessed by many others who still struggle with the disease.

But instead of letting that hold him back, Dahmen went the other way. He sees his experience as an opportunity to inspire others. show them how you can survive cancer and go on to do great things. Joel has done just that, winning three professional tournaments and endearing himself to golf fans.

The path on the Dahmen map walked by Arnold Palmer, John Daly

This unwavering spirit and commitment to forge his own path opened a door with the world’s oldest licensed whiskey still – Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Bushmills are pioneers of their craft. They like to celebrate those who honor tradition but never let it get in their way. The brand has carved its own path for the past 415 years, drawing enduring parallels with the PGA Tour champion.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Dahmen partnered with the brand to create a signature drink, “Joel’s Juicy Lie.” To celebrate becoming the official whiskey of the PGA Tour, they teamed up with the former Washington Husky to make him the first official whiskey caddy.

“Geno’s caddy makes my life easier on the golf course, so that’s the favor I want to return to golf fans making their whiskey decisions,” Dahmen said. “It’s nice to see fans enjoying golf with Arnold Palmer and John Daly drinks in hand…I’m a few big behind those guys, but in the new age of golf, I’m the fun guy — I kind of think so it just fits.”

It’s pretty legendary to have a signature drink. Palmer and Daly are two of the most famous players in the history of the sport. Now Dahmen took over.

“Arnie’s the king, right? He is one of the greatest players of all time and stands on his own. Then John Daly, who people forget how good he was at golf. I mean, a two-time big winner – all the talent in the world, and he’s known to have a good time for sure.”

“I’m waiting for my golf game to start matching those two, hopefully. Arnie’s away, but if I can fit in with Daly and have a cocktail with those guys, it’s a pretty good deal.”

‘Joel’s Juicy Lie’ is served with Bushmills award winning 10 year old single malt whisky, grapefruit and pineapple soda. To top it off, there will be a mini hat, an iconic staple of Dahmen’s wardrobe.

Golf fans can sip one of Dahmen’s signature cocktails at several PGA Tour stops nationwide, starting this week in Chicago at the BMW Championship.

Dahmen celebrates by buying everyone their first round. When a fan buys a Bushmills at the bar and uploads a photo of their receipt to, they’ll get $10 back.

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