Jay Monahan: PGA Tour commissioner confident PIF deal will be reached after ‘sincere’ negotiations

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan remains confident of a “positive outcome” on Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund following the talks. “I would say we operate in good faith and I see it from both sides”

19:20, United Kingdom, Tuesday 22 August 2023

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan believes a final deal with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund will be achieved through “candor and intensity” of negotiations.

Masters champion Jon Rahm admitted players felt a sense of “betrayal” when the proposed deal between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour and PIF, which sponsors LIV Golf, was unexpectedly announced in June.

Monahan faced calls to resign when the Framework Agreement was revealed, while Tiger Woods has since joined the PGA Tour’s political council in response to anger from players who felt blindsided by the deal.

Monahan said he did not see such moves as an indictment of how the Tour was run and insisted the Framework Agreement was not signed solely to stop costly litigation between golf’s rival factions.

Jay Monahan explains why he didn’t consult Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy before announcing merger with LIV Golf

“I would say we operate in good faith and I see that on both sides,” Monaghan said at his annual press conference ahead of the season-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta.

“If you were to look at the volume of conversations and time spent by the PGA Tour, the DP World Tour and the PIF working from a framework to a definitive [agreement]i think you will see the sincerity of efforts there.

“There are frequent conversations. We’re probably where I would expect. There’s tension and urgency and there’s a lot of work, good work, being done.”

PGA Tour president Tyler Dennis, who is leading the talks along with chief operating officer Ron Price, added: “Ron and I have been actively engaged every week, multiple times a week.

“He is making progress every day and has a very positive and cooperative nature.”

Scottie Scheffler is concerned about the lack of details about the proposed deal

World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler admitted last month he was concerned about the lack of detail on the proposed deal, with the future of the LIV Golf League and the potential re-entry of LIV players into the PGA Tour among the major issues to be resolved.

Monahan wouldn’t answer a specific question about the future of LIV Golf, but he believes players understand the need for confidentiality.

“I think if I put it succinctly, and Jack Nicklaus put it to me, the proof is in the pudding,” added Monahan.

“So I think the players are now saying, ‘OK, I understand what we’re trying to achieve and why we’ve taken this step. I understand the confidential nature of what we are dealing with and how you intend for the administration to handle it.”

“As we go forward … there’s a responsibility, an expectation from them to me and the team that we’re going to be able to communicate a positive outcome for the PGA Tour.”

Jay Monahan explains why the PGA, DP World and LIV Golf Tours are merging after a year of competing against each other

Asked what he sees as a positive outcome, Monahan said: “It’s the PGA Tour partnering with the PIF, having the PIF as a minority investor in NewCo with the PGA Tour, with full management and operational control of the tour and ultimately the men’s professional game moving forward. ».

Monaghan, who stepped down from his role for a month out of concern shortly after the proposed deal was announced, said he had “never felt better” and was willing to testify before a Senate subcommittee if necessary after he was unable to he does it in july.

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