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NEW DELHI: Team India skipper Rohit Sharma is championing adaptability among his middle-order batsmen, stressing that no player in the squad is tied to a particular batting position.
Rohit also expressed that the team has been transparent in communicating with each player, ensuring they understand their assigned roles and position within their international cricket career.

When asked about his potential batting position Ishan Kishan must KL Rahul unavailable for the Asia Cup opener against Pakistan, Rohit shed light on the team’s reasoning behind the decision-making process.
“Ajit (Agarkar) is new to the picture and didn’t know what was going on before that. I tried to keep him informed as much as possible,” Rohit said while talking to the media after the Asia Cup squad was announced.

“One thing I need in this team is everyone is ready to bat anywhere. Cricket is moving in a different direction. You can step up to any position, nobody should say ‘I’m good at that position’. That’s the message he has transferred to every person, not now, but this has been happening for the last two, three or four years,” the governor said.
“I know it’s hard for you guys out there to understand why a guy who was batting at No. 6 all of a sudden is batting at No. 4. It didn’t happen overnight. He’s been groomed for that role. This is the international sport we’re talking about. . This is not a cricket club.”
“He should be able to bat wherever this team asks him to. Not like we go to bed at night saying a position on a batsman and the next morning we change that position. It doesn’t happen like that,” Rohit said in his inimitable way. style.
The Indian skipper seemed to get very irritated when asked why India do not have a consistent No.4.
“We’ve got guys who can hit at No. 4. It’s not about No. 4. It’s about the top three and beyond, 4, 5, 6, 7 and beyond that can win us the game. challenges. and the kids have been put under pressure and that’s a good thing.
“Unfortunately, we’ve had injuries along the line and we’ve had to try different players and keep workload management in mind and see what combination suits us.
“We have 9 ODIs and 2 practice games and we have a lot of games where these guys will get a chance to make their place their own,” he added.

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When a scribe tried to tease him about the logic of his versatility, asking if the random changes in batting position create instability, his response was similar to a pull shot playing against fast bowlers.
“When I said flexibility is essential, I never said Hardik (Pandya) will open the innings. Not this. It’s not the top three, but the No. 4 or No. 5 batsmen who need to be flexible to bowl bat up or down.
“No. 5 is Rahul and No. 6 is Hardik, but if there is any change, flexibility is required as we did as youngsters. There is method. We don’t do that kind of madness. This is not a school rule that Nos. 1 to 8 are solid. It’s not to create chaos,” the sarcasm was not lost on anyone.

“I can’t throw a pacemaker to pick Chahal or Ashwin
Yuzvendra Chahal he looks likely to miss the World Cup bus and Rohit was very adamant that he could not afford to lose the pace bowling option to pick him or Ravichandran Ashwin.
“We thought about spinner Ashwin and Washy (Washington Sundar) but right now you saw that Chahal has to miss and we can’t put him in because we can only get 15 and the only way we could do that is to bowl a tailor.
“We can’t do that considering the number of games that are going to happen, some of them are coming back after a long time and we can get a good look at them. See what they have to offer.”
But as any skipper would, Rohit said the doors are not closed to anyone, though it was more of a comforting statement.
“No door is closed to anyone. Chahal has played a lot of white-ball cricket and if we need him we would find ways to squeeze him in. So does Ashwin or Washy. The option is open to anyone,” he concluded.
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