IND vs WI: 5 reasons why Rahul Dravid’s idea to experiment with Team India is a horrible plan

IND vs WI: 5 reasons why Rahul Dravid’s idea to experiment with the Indian team is a horrible plan. The The IND vs WI series was expected to be a one-sided campaign. However, India’s tour of West Indies 2023 emerged as an entertaining one for cricket lovers with nail-biting matches. From West Indies dominance at home to By Rahul Dravid Confounding experiments with the Indian team, the IND vs WI series has exceeded our imagination.

For example, everyone thought that India would get a whitewash in the Test series against the West Indies. However, rain saved the hosts in the 2nd Test which ended in a draw. It helped the Caribbean team earn some points in the 2023-25 ​​ICC World Test Championship points table.

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West Indies shock India with ODI win

No Indian fan would have thought that India will lose an ODI game to West Indies because the latter failed to qualify ICC World Cup 2023. However, West Indies outclassed India in IND vs WI 2nd ODI by 6 wickets with ease.

They got an ODI win against India after almost 4 years. They last beat the men in blue in an ODI in December 2019. Taking the T20I series into account, West Indies crushed India in the first two matches of the five-match series.

It was a big shock for every cricket lover because West Indies are also on the verge of winning the series now. With a 2-1 lead, West Indies need just one more win to beat the mighty Indians.

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Rahul Dravid Experiences – Main talk about India’s matches

A major reason for India’s struggles against the West Indies is Indian coach Rahul Dravid’s decision to experiment with the Indian team. Rahul Dravid has made it clear that he wants to experiment with the team in the IND vs WI series.

This is being performed to analyze the players and tactics ahead of Asia Cup 2023 and ICC World Cup 2023. However, Rahul Dravid’s idea of ​​experimenting with the Indian team is a horrible plan for Indian cricket. Here we discuss 5 reasons for the same.

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IND vs WI: 5 reasons why Rahul Dravid’s idea to experiment with Team India is a horrible plan

1. The National team is not a good platform for experiments

Team India (System: Twitter)

The first and foremost reason is that the national team is not a good place to try experiments. Even though West Indies can be termed as a weak team now, they are among the top cricket playing nations. Moreover, the IND vs WI ODI series is an official series under ICC and the records will be a part of history forever.

If Team India sees an upset in the series due to experiments, it becomes a black mark in Indian cricket. Moreover, the cricketing fraternity will not accept excuses for India’s failure in the series. They will just mock and laugh at the Indian team for these failures. The National Cricket Team is the pride of the nation and experimenting with it is not a smart idea.

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2. West Indies broke many records against India

(IND vs WI).  Rohit Sharma and Shai Hope
India vs West Indies (System: Twitter)

Against India, West Indies are like a parrot against an eagle in terms of strength. While West Indies include many young players in the national side, India have world class players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja in their squad.

However, India lost an ODI game to West Indies by a huge margin of 6 wickets. West Indies, who have always struggled to win an ODI against India since 2020, won a game so comfortably for the first time.

Similarly, West Indies defeated India in two consecutive T20Is after almost 12 years. Such records will boost their confidence and discourage our youth. It was a better idea to play seniors in the ODI series. Also, some strong names should have been part of the T20I squad.

3. It will affect team India’s legacy on Caribbean soil

India vs West Indies, IND vs WI
India vs West Indies (Image: Twitter)

In the last three decades, West Indies cricket has only seen a decline. They were unsurpassed during the 70s and 80s. In the early 20th century, they were at least considered a strong group. However, they are now considered a weak team who are challenged for victory against top cricketing nations.

India, on the other hand, have been a strong team for the last 10 years. India have dominated opponents in bilateral series in recent years. However, West Indies have dominated India on the current tour in several games, adding to criticism for the men in blue.

India’s poor record in the series will affect their legacy on Caribbean soil in recent years. For example, India won a 3-0 clean sweep in ODIs and a 4-1 T20I series win against West Indies last year. This year, if India fail to achieve similar results, they will be named for their failure to rock on Caribbean soil this time.

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4. It can affect the players career in future

Sanju Samson, IND vs AUS
Sanju Samson (Credits: Twitter)

Too many experiments can affect the career of many players. There were many surprising changes in the IND vs WI ODI series. For example, Ishan Kishan replaced Rohit Sharma as opener, Sanju Samson reached No. 3 in a game and Axar Patel won the top spot. Such changes in batting can create doubts for the Indian selectors in the near future.

If a good batsman is sent to an irregular slot and fails to score, his batting stats will be affected. When selectors prepare teams for series in the future, they will look at player statistics. At that time, the selectors will not remember that experiments affected a player’s stats during the IND vs WI series.

They will select players based on their stats and performance. Hence, a good player may lose his place in a future series due to experimentation in the ongoing series. This is also another reason why experimenting with the national team is a horrible idea as it can affect players’ careers.

5. It can affect the confidence of the fans in the Indian team

Team India, Asia Cup 2023
Team India (Image: Twitter)

The ICC World Cup 2023 schedule was released a few weeks ago and Indian cricket fans are very excited to watch the tournament in India. Before the tournament, India will also play in the Asia Cup 2023 – another much-awaited event.

However, if Team India struggles against the West Indies in the series – a team that is not even part of the World Cup – fans may doubt India’s ability to win the Asia Cup 2023 and the ICC World Cup 2023. If the fans are not sure about Team India, Their support for the team can be shaken during these tournaments both on and off the field.

Indian cricket fans always want team India to win – no matter who the opponent is. Hence, even though India face West Indies in the ongoing series, they will need to win games by a wide margin to show a glimpse of their strength ahead of a multi-nation tournament.

Hence, instead of experimenting, it was a better idea to smash the West Indies with full strength during the tour. Such wins would send a strong message to the fans and the cricketing fraternity that the Indian team can crush anyone in any tournament this year.

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