Aston Martin has a ‘good’ budget to spend on developing a 2023 car

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Aston Martin is teasing development spending later this year

Aston Martin remains in a position where it has money to spend within its 2023 budget on car development and plans to use it later this year.

The team started this season second fastest on the grid but have since slipped. However, they feel confident that they will find more pace with the development opportunities they still have available to explore with their Aston Martin AMR23.

“There’s never one thing and I think it’s often dangerous to hone in on one thing [to improve on]Aston Martin director Tom McCullough told RaceFans.

“Our job is to understand what we actually did in our car on track, relative to the development tool, where our relative competitiveness in low, medium, high [speed] corners, straight line speed – with and without DRS. Obviously each piece has different requirements as well. So that side of the analysis, I think we understood what we were doing in the car.

“The developments coming in the second half of the season already concern certain areas. Of course you try to address the areas where you are not so strong. I think really from Zandvoort onwards, we will have some continued development as we have done all year. We still have a good budget to continue developing our car hard. And this is our plan for the second half of the season.”

Rust leaves McLaren’s FE team

Rene Rust has left the McLaren Formula E team after just one season with the team, but he already has plans elsewhere for 2024.

The German first raced in FE in 2016, then spent a season and a half with the Abt-run Audi team and took two podiums. After a year out, he returned to the championship with McLaren for 2023 and took a fastest lap and a podium in his first three races with the team before they lost competitiveness and went on a ten-race run without scoring points.

McLaren said they are “working behind the scenes to ensure the best possible driver line-up for Season 10 and we are excited to announce the full driver line-up for the 2023/24 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship season in due course”.

Silverstone will pay parking fines for locals from the British GP weekend

Silverstone, the circuit that hosts the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, will pay the parking fines for residents of the village of the same name after they were caught out by a temporary traffic order during the grand prix weekend.

This placed parking restrictions on local streets, some of which are commonly used by residents who park on the streets next to their homes. But during the British GP weekend they were not allowed, a restriction aimed at visiting spectators seeking to avoid using the circuit’s pay-to-access car parks.

A total of £1,5000 of fixed penalty charges were issued to locals, with 33 fines, and locals said it was a problem they had never experienced before. The circuit responded by saying “the penalty notices received [from locals] are being processed, with refunds issued five days after the information is received.’

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