Around the world without an engine + How to save serious watts with Aerocoach’s Xavier Disley on the Podcast

For episode 58 of the Podcast, we turn our attention to two very different ends of the cycling spectrum, exploring what it would be like to give up any and all forms of motorized transport altogether – and bypass the world in the process – before moving on to in-depth on all things aerodynamic and why a more efficient jersey could help even the calmest of Sunday spins.

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First, Jack sat down with Markus Pukonen, a Canadian firefighter and founder of the non-profit Routes for Change, who returned to Toronto this summer after spending eight years making his way around the world — without using a single engine throughout his life. journey. Yes, that even includes elevators.

In a fascinating conversation, Pukonen – who has never owned a car in his entire life – talks about his eight-year human-powered journey, which he undertook to raise funds and awareness for the small environmental and social organizations he met along the way. and the effects of cycling, walking, canoeing, kayaking, hand-cycling and rowing around the world, even pogo pinning an eco-friendly Prime Minister in the process.

He discusses the challenges and issues he faced along the way, such as navigating international borders that require the use of a motorized vehicle (a letter from the government goes a long way in these cases) and the insanity of avoiding motors of any kind at all costs.

Pukonen also reveals, of course, that a number of bikes have been central to his journey, including one that he rode for 10,000km, even though it was a touch on the short side, and he had to leave his original bike behind because it just didn’t there was enough space. the boat and watching another road bike sink into the Mekong River in Laos.

But after all that angst on two wheels – and the horrors of cycling through heavy traffic on some of the world’s most congested roads (enough, he says, to put anyone off bike touring for life) – Markus he says he’s still in love with cycling, and that a good day on a good road outweighs all the traffic horrors and sore feet that preceded it.

And what did he learn from his mammoth adventure? Always follow your instincts and that exploring the world is best done by bike… or pogo stick.

Meanwhile, in part two, Jamie talks to Dr B Xavier Disley, the owner of AeroCoach, a British company that aims to improve all things aerodynamic, working closely with riders to make them faster, as well as with innovative new products used by some the best in the world.

We all know the benefits of aero gear and clothing at the highest level, but can a more efficient jersey, bib or even socks really make a difference to amateur cyclists riding at 15mph?

And that’s before we tackle that age-old cycling question: Does shaving your legs make you more aerodynamic? As Xavier explains to Jamie, a smooth leg could be the cheapest route to some easy watt savings and performance benefits, and – in any case – you wouldn’t buy a hairy bike, would you? Although we’ll leave what you do up to you…

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