Amateur triumphs in the exciting Dubai Golf Trophy 2023 Ryder Cup style tournament

Captains express their satisfaction with conditions at the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates and the Championship Course at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

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Amateur team captain David Guinee with his winning team during the recent 36-hole Dubai Golf Trophy.. – photo included

Published: Mon. October 9, 2023, 6:12 p.m

The 24th edition of the Dubai Golf Trophy ended with Team Amateurs winning 19 ½ – 12 ½ against Team Professionals.

In the competition, which lasted two days, the professional team was captained by Jack Woods and the amateur team was captained by David Guinee.

The teams were carefully selected. The top 12 players in the Emirates PGA Order of Merit earned their spots, with each captain having the opportunity to make four additional selections.

As part of the event, alongside the main competition, women’s matches were played.

The first day, held at Jumeirah Golf Estates, featured morning four-ball matches and afternoon four-ball matches. On the second day, the venue moved to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club to play single matches.

This configuration allowed the professional team to attempt a comeback after trailing the amateur team by four points, 10–6, at the end of the first day.

The final results after the tournament favored the amateur team, which secured a triumphant victory with a final score of 19 ½ – 12 ½ and boasted a seven-point victory over their professional counterparts.

Both Captain Jack Woods (Professional) and Captain David Guinee (Amateur) expressed their delight at the excellent course conditions and the warm hospitality shown by the Creek team.

Singles results (pro names first).

1. Louis Gaughan (Dubai Hills Golf Club) defeated Jay Mullane (Jumeirah Golf Estates) 2-1.

2. Sujjan Singh (CH3 Golf Academy) defeated Thomas Nesbitt (Abu Dhabi Golf Club) 4:2.

3. Graham Forbes (CH3 Golf Academy) lost to Viktor Kofod-Olsen (Emirates Golf Club) 3:1.

4. Mike Major (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club) lost to Jonathan Selveraj

(Trump International Golf Club) 3 and 2.

5. Matt Brookes (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club) defeated Dan Byrne (The Els Club) 7 and 6.

6. Tom Ogilvie (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club) lost to Dominic Morton (Trump International Golf Club) 1One Hole.

7. Sam Mclaren (Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club) lost to Jake Wiltshire (Abu Dhabi City Golf Club) 5 and 3.

8. Jules Lompech (Abu Dhabi Golf Club) lost the half to David Guinee (Trump International Golf Club).

9. Tom Hanson (Trackman) lost to Sam Mullane (Jumeirah Golf Estates) 3 and 2.

10. Purna Sharma (Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club) lost to Simon Dunn (Tower Links Golf Club) 6&4.

11. Stuart Smith (Precision Golf) defeated Steven Kelbrick (Trump International Golf Club) 2&1.

12. Phil Waine (Trump International Golf Club) lost to Max Burrow (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club) 3&2.

13. Steve Munro (Pro Sports International) defeated Craig Vance (Trump International Golf Club) One Hole.

14. David Gray (Golf Souk) lost to Rami Samawi (The Els Club) 5:4.

15. Mike Bolt (CH3 Golf Academy) lost to Dan Kirkwood (Yas Links Abu Dhabi) 3:2.

Ladies Challenge Match – singles game

Olivia Jackson (Emirates Golf Club) defeated Aoife Kelly (Trump International Golf Club) 3:1.

Lea Pouillard (Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club) defeated Jamie Camero (The Els Club) 3&

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